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Lamma Harbor, Hong Kong

Lamma Harbor, Hong Kong

Lamma Island, which doesn’t have a very large population and is really
rather small (I covered probably a solid 3/4 of it in about six hours
of hiking — though, true, it’s all quite mountainous so unfair to
expect folks to lug themselves up and over mountains just to get into
town…) has three (or is it four?) places where the ferries dock.
This is the second-largest town on the island, and as you can see it’s
not very big. It’s quite lovely, though, and all the banners are
around what’s either a new permanent temple going up, or a large
temporary pavilion for a festival or something — I have to admit I
just couldn’t read enough of the characters to be sure, but there is a
large structure going up there, next to the permanent and rather
pretty little temple.

Lamma has a reputation of being “expat heaven” in Hong Kong — a small
island fairly close to the main island, more or less across a short
strait from the part where all the famous floating restaurants are.
Since it’s not facing either Kowloon or the main city, and since it is
a bit further out toward the open sea, the air is a bit clearer and I
suspect it’s maybe a touch cooler than the city during the hot summer
months. The main town is, indeed, chock full of European and American
tourists (but then, compared to Nanning, so is all of Hong Kong). It
also caters to them…to the extent that I was able to have a
completely delightful (and darned expensive, this being HK) meal at a
vegetarian, organic restaurant. 🙂

Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Lamma Island, Hong KongIf these photos appear in the order I’m hoping, then I’ve already
mentioned that I spent two days hiking in the remoter parks and island
parts of Hong Kong. This was taken on an absolutely gorgeous hike I
took around Lamma Island — I couldn’t help taking this image, since
it seemed to me that many of my LA friends will think this could
easily have been taken in the canyons of Malibu or Topanga.