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A Family Interlude


In the early 1930s, my mother’s parents moved in the middle of the great depression from Nebraska down to Texas so my grandfather could take a job in the chemistry department at Texas A&M. Both my mother and aunt were born there, and for that reason my aunt, cousins, one brother & my nephew all returned four years after my mother’s passing to Texas to enjoy time with each other and think about memories and family history. When we made it to the campus of Texas A&M, Aunt Judy was delighted to notice a bench dedicated to the memory of a professor whom she recalls my grandmother mentioning often when she was younger. The family moved on in the early 1940s to Long Beach, CA, and hasn’t had any ongoing contact with Texas A&M or as a state since, so it was fun to realize that our grandfather would near-certainly have taught in that very building you see, since the plaque says it was opened in 1929. 🙂 Also, we found the address they lived in at one point (us all on the porch of a house), though we suspect this building was built more recently. And as you see above, we did recreate our own new family photo in a field of Texas bluebonnets, in tribute to the photo of Mom & Judy as youngsters, likely by the side of the road as we are here.



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