And Now For Something Personal

Above, my mother (older) and aunt around 1942 in a spring field of Texas bluebonnets near their then-home in Texas. Four years ago today, Mom passed away, so I and a number of close family have gathered in Texas to appreciate these and other lovely spring wildflowers of Texas in her honor, and to create new memories with each other, and with my aunt, who’s now 80+ years more experienced that she is in the (colorized: this photo was originally taken before photos came in color) photo above. It was on the morning of March 30th four years ago that I posted an earlier Ode to Mom, which I’m revisiting now myself because our loved ones do live on in our memory.

We don’t yet have a photo of all of us now gathered here in Austin, but in the days or weeks ahead I hope and expect I’ll have a chance to show you more. But for the moment, for any friends and readers who’re curious how and why pics from the US have begun to reappear in this li’l ol’ blog that’s been sleepy since January…this is why :-).

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  1. Deb Cocco

    Hugs to you Paul.

    March 31, 2023 at 19:55

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