Self Portrait with Tropical Vegetation

As you may have noticed, I tend when alone in a place to take a

self-portrait, which of course usually ends up looking a bit

idiotic…though at least this way you know I was really there and

it’s really me taking the shot. About three weeks ago — same weekend

as most of these other shots — I braved a new bus line to an area far

north in the city, where I’ve not previously been. How, you may ask,

did I choose this neck of the woods: by looking at the map and picking

what look like park farthest away from where I live, of course!

Sometimes I feel a bit pinned down in one spot, since work is pretty

consuming, and I live a short walk away from where I work…so it

becomes too easy to walk a path between my house and the office and

rarely look up and see the sky.

As you’ll see, the park was well worth the visit!

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