Onto the Boat

Onto the Boat
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

Another day we distributed to a larger town right on the road, but of

course some of the families whose houses were destroyed were across

the river…so onto the little rope-toe boat those wheelbarrows went.

It was an interesting process to watch and help with — and the ladies

wheeling the barrows were very gracious and appreciative of our


As to roads, I need to note for the record that even the

administrative center for this particular cluster of towns and

villages is a good 1+ hours’ drive away from the nearest paved road.

When I say “road” I mean muddy and/or incredibly bumpy and dusty dirt

track. Not comfortable driving at all, but functional for bringing in

pretty large trucks for local deliveries and so on. Can’t imagine an

American truck driver would consent to drive over some of these roads

(I’m thinking of some where the floods had washed out some of the

bank, and I found myself silently praying the road would hold as we

passed over it…).

The next set of shots show both more of the barrows being loaded on

the boat, as well as some shots of the big distribution. Man oh man,

was I sweaty after all that! (We started that morning by unloading the

barrows, which were then assembled — shots of that are further


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