Golden Gate Vistas

What to post at the start of a new year in which so many of us place such hopes for health and happiness? Down my street there was a lit-up holiday display that spelled out “Peace on Earth,” which was my initial plan: just that photo. But the photo I took initially was too blurry. When I went back yesterday, it had already been taken down. So we’ll have to envision and create Peace on Earth in our hearts, without the visual aid. Herewith, instead, the first of several posts displaying photos from my most recent hike in the the portion of Golden Gate National Recreation Area that occupies most of the Marin Headlands at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge – the very tops of whose two support beams you can just see poking above the mountain in two of the photos above, if you know where to look. Hikes in nature with such vistas help me put my own worries in perspective. Finding perspective feels like a good goal as we enter 2021. Health – hope – happiness for us all in the year ahead.

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  1. Hilary Clark

    Oh Paul- these photos are wonderful, especially the one of your smiling face! My daughter just accepted a job in San Fransisco so I imagine I will be seeing the sights and hopefully you late this year? I can hope. Keep getting out of bed, your photos inspire!

    January 1, 2021 at 08:40

  2. Steve Dickman

    Wow, what amazing photos! Wish I were there with you!

    January 1, 2021 at 10:06

  3. My, you really do live in a beautiful state! Happy new year!

    January 1, 2021 at 11:59

  4. Andrew Deppe

    Paul: Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos. They make me recall so many fun trips to the bay area and Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Santa Cruz… Hopefully we can redeem our rain check for the cancelled trip last March 2020. Big hug from the woods of Wisconsin, Andrew

    January 1, 2021 at 17:23

  5. Beautiful! Happy to read you Paul, Peaceful 2021

    January 2, 2021 at 01:49

  6. Happy New Year! Always lovely to read your emails, and see what you ate seeing.

    January 2, 2021 at 05:57

  7. Beautiful, Paul! How I miss California and the balm of nature!

    January 2, 2021 at 08:57

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  9. Superb photos, and thanks for sharing them.

    February 11, 2021 at 09:41

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