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Small Wonders.17

Admit it: your first thought is this is part of some crumbling old building’s brick wall, right? Wrong! You’ve already seen another angle on this item, in a post last month, here:

Errant Masks.11

Yes, today’s errant mask was also photographed during the same hike from which came the photos for this morning’s post. And yes, we all know we’ll clearly still be dealing with covid, masks and all that they imply for quite some time to come. Ugh. Welcome again to 2021 :-).

Golden Gate Vistas

What to post at the start of a new year in which so many of us place such hopes for health and happiness? Down my street there was a lit-up holiday display that spelled out “Peace on Earth,” which was my initial plan: just that photo. But the photo I took initially was too blurry. When I went back yesterday, it had already been taken down. So we’ll have to envision and create Peace on Earth in our hearts, without the visual aid. Herewith, instead, the first of several posts displaying photos from my most recent hike in the the portion of Golden Gate National Recreation Area that occupies most of the Marin Headlands at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge – the very tops of whose two support beams you can just see poking above the mountain in two of the photos above, if you know where to look. Hikes in nature with such vistas help me put my own worries in perspective. Finding perspective feels like a good goal as we enter 2021. Health – hope – happiness for us all in the year ahead.


Errant Masks.4

On & Around Muir Beach for a Day

smw, slt has accumulated so very many photos in my now 4+ months back home that I simply must return to long format. It’s great fun to set up a daily photo, trying to mix up what I’m showing you each day – and I plan to keep doing that because, well, covid home restrictions, no social life to speak of, fill in your own personal reason for wanting specific tasks to frame your days 😊. But some locations and topics are just so photogenic that they require a longer post. And even some explanatory text.

Fear not, there’s little text because each photo, if you click on it or hover your cursor over it, will tell you pretty precisely what you are seeing. But, by way of explanation: I rarely get out by car, mainly because I rarely have a car, since I don’t own one. That means most of what I show you when I’m here at home is within about a ten-mile radius of my home since, well, ten miles out and ten miles back makes for a reasonable day’s exercise and exploration of this wonderful world I’ve been born to. BUT I do have wonderful friends who let me borrow a car sometimes – even more so during covid because, well, covid. And thus I’ve begun to range further afield as the days get shorter and colder, making bicycling a bit less appealing compared to farther-ranging hiking exploration with more clothing layers and a carbon-emissions compromise at the start and end of said activities.

What you’re seeing here are shots all taken one day last week when I explored some of the trails and roads branching out from Muir Beach, which is (I believe) a unit of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Although it’s a bit north of the hills you see immediately as you exit the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, the area has at least one ridge high enough to get a view of the western parts of SF, though downtown and the bay bridge, Alcatraz etc. are all behind a higher ridge on the left in the shots I’ll be showing you today. But fear not: I plan to get back to explore those and other trails in my lovely region again in coming months, so stay tuned for future installments.