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Lake Living Memories – Beauty in Smaller Details

Herewith part 2 of my photos taken during my time in Wisconsin last month that didn’t manage to get into the daily posts while I was still there. Enjoy 🙂 – and check out the last post, a few down, if you longer for wider vistas and length of focus than most of these shots have…

…and, well, just because every now and then they just stand out, there’s this sign of the times, my “errant mask” rogues’ gallery taken along the lake path at various points:

And we’ll end with nature going about its business in the late summer:

Covid Travel.1

Well, now that I’ve been on four flights during times of covid, I figure I might as well show a few of you who are avoiding airports what it’s like: still mostly empty. On July 4, I flew Dhaka->Dubai->Chicago->SF. Then two days ago I flew SF -> Chicago to spend some time with family in Wisconsin for birthdays and such. There are a few more people in airports now than I saw when I came back into the country in July – in both O’Hare and SFO. It’s a bit sad and a bit alienating, but probably a good deal lower risk than many activities that lots of folks are doing now…and the flights are mighty inexpensive. It does all get a bit exhausting, though, doesn’t it…?