Landscape from the Train

Landscape from the Train
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

The train ride from Kongtong Shan into Ningxia was lovely – small

agricultural valleys and enough railway tunnels going through the

mountains I lost count. A few times I grabbed my camera to capture a

passing landscape that struck me. Also, after the two kids one seat

over kept peeking over the top of their seat to see what I was doing,

I decided to start engaging them…first by taking their picture, then

by letting them take my picture, pictures of each other and/or of me

with them. I’m giving you a few of these. They’re classmates and had

just been happy to see each other on the train. By the way, don’t

think this is a typical hard seat train: it was morning, and the train

filled up very fast so that the last five hours or so were spent quite

crowded, with folks in the aisles.

Then you’ll see shots of the southern Ningxia agricultural landscape

as seen from the train. Lovely, sparsely populated, towns built into

dry hillsides, and so on.

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