Dali Street Scenes

Dali Street Scenes
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

Though this is not quite the typical stunning scenic panorama shot I’ve been
showing, it gives a sense both of how touristy and how lovely old town Dali is. It’s easy to criticize Dali as highly touristed…yet, when you come to think of it, it’s often true that places are touristed because they’re very appealing. The beer sign here tells you a bit about the crowd that’s being appealed to, but at the same time isn’t the architecture lovely? And when you pair it with the backdrop scenery and all the lovely angles and views I’m showing in the next several shots, you can see how Dali’s become so popular. If you then add how dirty and dusty so very many cities in China are…and ill- maintained…you can see how for an expat living here, it’s rather nice to be in a place that demonstrates the kind of civic pride shown by the lovely architecture, clean street, flower beds and so on!

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