Yulong Xueshan

Yulong Xueshan
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

Since a blog by nature presents the most recent stuff first, yet I’m processing two months’ worth of photos all on one weekend (it’s New Year’s weekend here in China – so I’m avoiding all the firecrackers outside by posting all these photos from my peaceful apartment…), it’s hard to convey
the sequence of discovery we went through. We left Lijiang, a town you’ll
see shortly, and drove about 1-1/2 hours north to reach the chair lift up to Yak Meadow, which you’ve been looking at. The meadow is at about 3500 meters, and as you’ve seen the peak of the mountain towers another 2000 meters (that’s 6000 feet, or the height of the Smoky Mountains, to you metrically illiterate Americans) above it.

Were it not for high winds, we might have gone up another lift to the 4500-foot high cloud fir meadow, from which Lonely Planet says you can see “awesome glacier views.” My capacity for ever-increasing levels of awe was certainly tested by the gorge and by Yulong Xueshan…so I suppose it’s possible I could find another angle even more awe-inspiring and beautiful than what Howard and Gene and I saw from Yak Meadow and from the paths through the gorge. So I guess I’ll have to get back to see the glacier some time! And pray global warming gets no worse, huh?

In any case: what follow are many views of Yulong, from the south or southeast side: the gorge is up and over from where these were all photographed. The shot you’re looking at now – green fields in the foreground – is taken from the town of Daju, which marks the downstream end
of Tiger Leaping Gorge. We waited (patiently in my case; with some anxiety in the case of H&G 🙂 ) for the bus up at the top (well, at the base of the Yak Meadow lift, top being a relative term in this case) and took the breathtaking and frightening mountain road down to Daju, in order to cross the river and start out hike through the gorge. I took this shot as the bus
barreled over the dirt roads entering town.

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