Bukhansan National Park, Seoul

I was fortunate to have a free Saturday in Seoul to do a bit of exploring. Though my Beijing colleagues and friends kept telling me how lovely Beijing was — high teens or even 20 degrees, sunny — I’m afraid to say Seoul was quite cold — at or below freezing most of the time, and my Italian psychologist colleague seemed to take a perverse pleasure in reminding me that the cold winds in Seoul are coming down from Siberia. They felt like it. Yet despite the cold grey weather, it was a pleasure to escape to Bukhansan National Park, an area in northern Seoul amply blessed with imposing granite peaks (at 700 to 800 meters high, above a city that’s pretty much at sea level) and wonderful hiking trails. The park has some historical significance, both in terms of defense of the capital from various invaders over the centuries, and for all the religious temples that are scattered over the mountains. I thought of my good friend Steve’s comment from one of my Beijing hike shots, about how the temples perched on the ridgetops and hillsides were quite lovely. Here are some shots that give you a sense of the park, including a few with temple shots.

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