Vacation Update: Cumberland Island

Hello, my peeps. 🙂 As many/most of you know, I’ve been on vacation outside China for the past several weeks (since second week in April, to be precise), and have been mostly visiting friends and family in the US, with a lovely side trip to family and friends in Germany and London, and coffee at the Zurich airport with Carrie! (So great to see you again, and to meet the hubbie finally, Carrie!)

I’ve already seen most or many of the folks I know read this journal regularly, so I thought those of you who shared our lovely family reunion for Mom’s 70th birthday down on Cumberland Island, Georgia would particularly enjoy some of these shots. Those who didn’t join us should know this is one of the most lovely and relaxing places I’ve ever been. The inn we stayed at, while far from inexpensive, is deeply relaxing and gracious, and the national seashore (most of the island) is wild, beautiful, and endlessly peaceful.

I’ve not taken shots of the other places I’ve been on my trip, and rather doubt I’ll be taking or posting many/any more before my return to China in a few more weeks. We’ll see what comes up — there may be a few from coastal California, where I’ll be for about two weeks; or possibly from the Denver area and the Rockies, where I am at the moment enjoying the gracious hospitality of good friends Christian and Laura and looking forward to seeing Lisa and her family shortly. Hope you enjoy these shots, everyone.

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