Last Sunrise in Albuquerque

The departure from the US and the end of my vacation was made a bit sweeter for happening in stages, and for having family and friends with me right up until the last minute. In Albuquerque, mom and I spent the last evening at an airport hotel since we both had flights out very early the next morning. Naturally, with early flights on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in the US, we wanted to be up and at ’em bright and early. This meant an opportunity to catch the beginnings of the gorgeous desert sunrise from our high-up hotel window, and it was a lovely image to have in my mind as I left Albuquerque, a city I’ve always enjoyed.

During my 5-hour layover in SF, I was fortunate that Nancy stayed in town for the long weekend, so she and I had the chance to have breakfast together and chat a bit before she took me back to the airport for the plane across the big pond. Though the travel day was incredibly long, measured from awakening obscenely early in ABQ, to coming back to my bed in Beijing after drinks with a friend so I’d stay up until a reasonable bedtime, it was delightful to begin and end it with friends and family on both continents. 🙂

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