Farewell, New Mexico & US

The end of a vacation is upon me, and since it’s much easier to post while in the US with full access to the blog, I figure I’ll drop some pictures and thoughts on here before I fly home (yes, Beijing is home as long as my work is there) tomrrow morning. I write from Roswell where we celebrated Aaron’s graduation from High School, and just as when I left last the US last year, there is much gratitude I want to express to the many people who’ve made this vacation special…so with apologies to those whom this bores (you’ve likely already skipped to the photos, right?), here’s goes, from beginning to end:

–Steve, Jill and Chuck schemed a great celebration trip to Cumberland for Mom. Judy and Bill joined us there, and a better way to begin my vacation would have been hard to find. Thanks to you all, and good luck to Bill and Judy with the big move. Sorry I won’t see the old house again while you live there!

–The Keipers, Cremones and Schmitthenners asked wonderful questions about China and showed remarkable ability with Chinese characters, and Mutti as always was a wonderful and tremendous cook. Thanks!

–Carrie: was kann ich nur sagen? Endlich mal eine Stunde mit dir und dem Mann verbringen zu koennen ist ja schon toll gewesen, aber mehr waere eben nur noch besser. Naechstes Jahr, in Zuerich, bestimmt, OK?

–The students of Ridgewood High and Oberlin: you guys are great audiences! You could turn me into a public speaker after all. Thanks for listening. Stay interested.

–As always, Oberlin Shansi and my committee mates for making me feel welcome and appreciated. What a delight to work with you all.

–Steve: you do the “American secretary” thing with grace and skill, and I remain eternally grateful. Also for taking the wheel all the time. 🙂

–All my wonderful friends and hosts, who welcomed me to your homes, met me at and dropped me off at airports, and made me feel welcome wherever I went: Peter; Neal & Elizabeth; Steve & Sharon; Christian & Laura; Amy, Nancy & Kip; Howard & Gene; Steve & Joezen; Gary & Rick…you guys are great.

–And all the other friends who enlivened the trip and made me feel welcome, many of whom I’m sure I’ll forget to mention — Tim, Maude, Michele, Laura G, Ron, Jason, Kenya (great curried garbanzos!), Lisa/Rick/Kiki/Jack, Don, Maryasha (for meeting me at Greens!), Steve K, George and so forth.

Thanks again to you all. Drop comments on the blog, drop me an e-mail when your time permits, and let me know what you’re up to. You know how I’ll miss you once I’m half a world away again!

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