Farewell Lunch for Max, Paul’s New Look

Max treated those of us who were in the office on his last day to Beijing Duck (yes, Steve, the same restaurant we all took you to). Thanks, Max! Here are some pictures of me and my colleagues bidding Max adieu. There’s also a shot of me with my new look – and trying not to smile, since some people have told me I look sexier this way. Frankly, given how much I’ve been swimming lately, I think I look best in a swimsuit right now. But we’ll leave it there for now – though feel free to weigh in both on the “to smile or not to smile” debate, and on Paul’s new look. I love it: it’s much cooler, and it feels great when I swim. And hey, maybe it’ll help some new guys notice me so I’ll get a date or two once in a while.

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