But what are we looking at, you ask? Kuala Lumpur, KL to those who want to be in the know, boasts the world’s tallest buildings, Petronas towers. These are they – the round spiky items with the little pedestrian footbridge between the two, about half way up. The general public can go to and walk across the footbridge, but I’m not sure about climbing all the way up – I tried neither, since it’s always nice to keep something for one’s next visit.

I did, however, go the viewing platform of KL Tower, the world’s fourth tallest communications tower (KL, for all I loved it, does seem a bit obsessed with size comparisons…) Thence the aerial shots you are seeing, taken a mere 36 hours ago or so, as I whiled away the time between arriving back in KL on my morning flight from Tioman Island (aka paradise – see below) and catching my evening flight to Colombo.

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