Fruits Stands & Street Dogs

As you’d expect, the fruit stands are abundant…

As are the bananas, which I’ve learned to eat with my curry and rice in the afternoon, or my string hopper, hopper, kottu, or any of the other myriad of awesome food I’m getting here…

And after Beijing, the street dogs have been a bit of a surprise: they’re the friendly ones. They don’t take much notice of you, except the totally teeny little guy who ran along behind us on our way back the swim club late one Poya Day (full moon day off each month, celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists alike so a day off each month) – making us feel dreadfully guilty that we couldn’t take him home and adopt him. It was totally “are you my mother time” with him. The means ones are the guard dogs, who mercifully so far have stayed behind their fences: wouldn’t want them chasing after me, from how they sound at least!

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