Induruwa Village Sights

There followed – as you’ll see in the website article I’ve pointed you to – a period in which various higher-ups from within MSF visited us here in Colombo, and we sought as many meetings as we could have with government officials and others who might be in a position to help us clarify the things being said about us and the government’s objections. Naturally the allegations are ludicrous and MSF didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t do any of the things referred to. I’ll leave the official information to that website article I keep referring you to. (Did I mention you should check it out?) This is my personal blog so I’ll stick to what it’s all meant for me. I mean, enough about the suffering and deaths of thousands in Sri Lanka so far this year…how’s it affecting my tanlines, darnit! (that’s self-mocking humor, friends…just in case anyone out there wants to get into a snit and say INGO workers aren’t taking the situation seriously)

One friend spoke of the air of tropical decay that hangs around so much in Sri Lanka. But it’s sure pretty in its decay, isn’t it?
That colorful SL flag over a village trail on my Saturday morning run.
After missing a chance to capture two other fish-sellers peddling from their bikes with manual scales hanging off the back (aural image: the calls they make to let people know they’re coming by with fish for sale), I decided I really had to try for you folks on your barka loungers back home. It ain’t Peoria, is it? (Chuck?)

It’s been a roller coaster. We pulled our team out of the hospital in Point Pedro on the Jaffna Peninsula, which was very hard for all of us – we exist to be operational, to bring care to people in need…pulling our team out means since October 1, we’ve had no medical activities in the country. This ain’t easy. Right now we’re down to just me, a head of mission, and a small national staff team here in Colombo – that’s it for MSF France. The other two sections working here in SL have even smaller teams – and we’re all waiting for the day it’ll be safe (enough for us, which in a context where extra-judicial killings happen all the time means no false accusations still standing, and “only” the danger MSF expects in a context of conflict and civial war) and feasible to have surgeons, emergency medical doctors and other specialists back in hospitals and mobile clinics taking care of people who need them.

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