Induruwa Village Temples & Marshlands

Monet might have liked it in Induruwa, too, huh?

So. What’s Paul’s life been like since last he wrote. I mentioned that – after five weeks here – I’d suddenly become the longest-standing member of the coordination team. And then, on the quiet Saturday morning of September 30, I was my usual early-bird self and first to grab the newspaper, to see the following cheery lead-story headline on one of the major English-language dailies here: “Four INGOs to be booted out over links with Tigers: Carry Tiger emblem on vehicles, stationery.” Though they got our name wrong (MSS instead of MSF) to me it seemed pretty clear we were one of the four being discussed – especially since we had been hearing for more than a week from the Department of Immigration (to which my rounds take me fairly often) that some form of “black list” existed and that we would soon be kicked out of the country. Then, during our morning meeting – we work half days most Saturdays – in walks the postman with the official, registered letter from the Department of Immigration telling us we have to leave the country by October 7.

The stupa looks old, but I’ve no idea if it is. The temple entrance, stupa, and marsh shots from above are all in Induruwa village, inland from the coast and my guesthouse where the real people live, basically. It was GREAT to be able to run without being nearly killed by a million cars and tuktuks or asphyxiated by exhaust fumes. I don’t run in Colombo anymore – just swim at my fabulous local swim club, and now I’ve started playing some tennis there as well. Yippee!

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