Daily Life In & Around Siem Reap

Like a break after a long day trekking up and down the steps and along the hot dusty paths of the temple complexes, I thought your eyes might delight in some scenes of everyday life in and around Angkor Wat. Some of these are from my morning run in Siem Reap town (about 5 km south of the entrance to the temple complex, itself about 2 km south of the moat around Angkor Wat), while others were shot from the car coming back down from our day trip to Kbal Spean and Banteay Srei.

People who were there only four years ago tell me Siem Reap was a sleepy and underdeveloped little town; Steve’s guidebook still had him worried about pirates on the river and/or bandits on the road if we took the bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Summary: things are developing rapidly in Cambodia, especially Siem Reap, which probably funds something like half of the country’s economy. I enjoyed my run and the road trips, since I’m used to living closer to the real economy in countries like this – being a pure tourist and traveling past villages in a hired car, without a chance to interact more directly and get a sense of the people and economy was an odd feeling for me at this point.

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