Frustrated in Abuja

…two more images did make the transfer intact: above, an Owerri sunset taken from the hotel room in which I spent my first night in Nigeria, since my flight from Abuja to Owerri landed too late to make it down to Port Harcourt before dark. Below: me at dinner one evening recently. Don’t I look like the happy little guy I am? πŸ™‚

…Well, friends, here we are at the Hilton in Abuja. 45 minutes of the $25-an-hour “high speed internet” time I invested in have been sucked into posting the paltry assembly of photos you see below. My USB key has gone back and forth between my laptop and the desktop I’m using at the ‘business center’ more times than I can count, and each time something or other has become corrupted. Somewhere in there, if I’m ever able to recover it all, are some photos of the dramatic and aspirational buildings of Abuja; somewhere in there is what I flatter myself is a rather poetic text about Abuja’s and Nigeria’s aspirations. All this on a day that also saw the ATM machine in the Hilton’s lobby steal my card and, so far, not return it…though security insists someone is coming from UBA any time now who will take the machine apart and find my card in its innards.

I’ll have to hope I can recover them somehow or other, tonight back at the MSF house here in town, or later back in PHC. Lord only knows how I’ll survive trying to upload that many photos on the dialup wifi down there, considering that using the “high speed” here has pretty much killed me. πŸ™‚ But such are the challenges one expects when traveling in these places, and it’s not like I should be surprised by any of it. I just got so spoiled by the connections I had in Sri Lanka and China. Africa, it seems, at least in this regard, is truly another matter.

Much love to you all. I’m well and my thoughts are with you. Send up some thoughts for peace and goodwill towards our fellow travelers on this green and blue planet.

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