Exploring Ilheu Rolas

…left to right: Sao Tome e Principe (with two stars for – I assume – the two main islands, Portugal (home base of the resort company), EU, Pestana (the resort company).
Below are four shots of the paths on which I spent many hours wandering and exploring the island. After making my way down from the airport (more about that further below…sorry, Ondrej, I just can’t bring myself to stick to linear time in these entries: it’s about beauty and narrative…) around sunset — which naturally happens around 18:00 all year — on Saturday, I awoke Sunday wondering what was in store for me during my week on the island. Still rather high on the adrenaline and nervous energy of my daily life in PH, I was up and out for a long run around the island: oh, bliss, an hour of green nature and running without one single other person, or vehicle, or smoke-belching generator to be seen or heard. Initially, I thought I’d maybe hop the boat back to explore Sao Tome a bit as well either on foot or by hopping the public buses…or maybe even head up to the capital city and see the sights. But as the days went by, my comfort level with doing absolutely nothing other than a morning walk around the island, an evening outing to another part of the island, and an afternoon of lethargic poolside lounging or air-conditioned movie-watching in my room steadily grew. By the end of the week, I virtually needed help to scoop myself out of my lounge chair and onto the boat to leave the island. Still and alll, I did manage to explore most of Ilheu Rolas during my morning and evening strolls (remember: I was right on the equator, so I’d have been mad to exert energy in the mid-day sun!), even if my energy wasn’t sufficient to take me back to the big island until it was time to leave. Herewith many shots of the pathways, coastline, and sights of Ilheu Rolas.

…the view from the main dining-room/restaurant, on an eastern headland looking out at the ocean form three sides. It was tough work to take my meals there every morning and evening, but someone had to do it.

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