Sculpture & Summer Gardens Around NYC

Above and below are photos of probably my very favorite single spot in or near NYC, Storm King Sculpture Park north and west of the city in the mountains west of the Hudson. Given my (and my family’s)longstanding love of this spot and its incomparable collection of beauty both natural and human-created, I felt nearly guilty when I put shots of last December’s visit to the (also lovely, but not as close to my heart) Yorkshire Scultpure Garden on the blog before I had a chance to show you all a bit of Storm King. Herewith some shots of a lovely visit with my mother and her sister in early September.

…and, below, some souvenirs of a visit with Mom to the New York Botanical Gardens while they were displaying some monumental Henry Moores, not unlike those we saw last year in Yorkshire – whence, I believe, Moore originated.

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