Green Hills & Smiling Faces in Sierra Leone

Boys & their ToysMoonrise & SunsetFtown Aberdeen Sunset Pano Freetown - Aberdeen CreekMosque & Flatlands from RoadPaul on the Move

Human resilience, basic human interpersonal warmth and gut-level acknowledgement of our shared humanity and interdependence – these are things I’ve learned to respect, value and appreciate more and more each day, as I both age and accumulate more human working and interpersonal experiences in many varied points around this globe of ours. I’ve spent most of the past few months in Sierra Leone, a place which resonates for many developed-world folks in a sort of “walking wounded” state right now. But I found there, as I found living in NYC during the 1970s when most of the US was too scared to visit it for fear of being robbed (or so at least it seemed), what I’ve found pretty much any place humans seem to congregate. Which is that life goes on, that people care for their loved ones, look for a meal when they can and look for fun and friendship where possible. It’s remarkable, and a gift, to have a chance to get out of my bubble and experience more of the resilience, warmth and kindness of humanity everywhere. I won’t say more here – with all the media attention to what’s happening on the negative side of the register in SL just now, I wanted to just take a moment and tip my hat, as it were, to the colleagues, neighbors and partners who welcomed me and continue to make good work possible, sometimes rather against the odds. Happy holiday season, if you happen to be celebrating a holiday this season…J

Foothills Entering FreetownFreetown & Bay from HillsGuys by Road in BoStorm Clouds - Bo Paul & the Boys

Road ViewPaul 6Dec14 Freetown…final night dinner at a quite nice Indian restaurant in Freetown: first mixed drink I’d had in a very long time, nice way to relax and thank my colleagues before heading out :-). Freetown in its Hills

3 responses

  1. Sarah Quinnell

    Glad to hear that you are now home safe and sound. Enjoy your break and look forward to see you again soon. Best wishes, Sarah x

    December 16, 2014 at 19:13

  2. Wise words on the human experience, Paul. Rest, rest, and relax. Love and Merry Christmas! Pat

    December 16, 2014 at 21:58

  3. Stephen Brockmann

    Mmmmm, that margarita looks quite yummy! And it looks like you and the kids were having fun! I’ll bet those streets get pretty darn muddy when it rains heavily, though! I hope you’re getting some nice quiet time in California! Merry Christmas! Love, Steve

    December 21, 2014 at 02:45

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