Urban Garden.3

Many readers will have noticed that you can see photos’ file names either by hovering over an image with your mouse, or by tapping-clicking on the image so that the image file itself opens. I was delighted to see the comment from my fellow meditator Gretchen (hi, Gretchen!), on the bonus Nature-Therapy post https://somuchworldsolittletime.com/2020/05/06/nature-therapy-31/, which validated my sense that those were quince. I invite comments from anyone more experienced than I, telling me whether my guess about what these large and ungainly tree-grown fruit-like items are. If it’s what I think it is, I have indeed eaten it once or twice when I was visiting or living in one or more of Taiwan, mainland China or Thailand.

I’m completely delighted by how many comments you’re all writing on the blog. I hope soon to carve out a window of time for some personalized replies to all you wonderful, faithful viewers and commenters who keep me feeling it’s worth continuing to post something new each day, thus helping me balance social separation with some virtual but vital connection :-). Hugs and wishes for courage, fortitude, and evidence-based, science-and-reality-driven public policy wherever you may find yourselves šŸ™‚

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