We begin my second day, my truly full day, in Petra with this iconic image of the Treasury as you see it when you reach the end of the Siq. This image was taken before 7am, and I was hurrying through to begin the climb up the cliffs to the right in this photo, on a trail tucked behind the wall of the Royal Tombs cliff. I will leave the full date-time info intact and add identifications to the names of these photos, and I’m going to post them in order taken while I walked it, at least for the set that covers this morning that morning. I climbed up, waited with only myself for company as I watched the sun slowly rise high enough to illuminate first the very top of the Treasury, then slowly descend to illuminate the whole façade. It was one of the most precious and memorable mornings I’ve thus far lived, and I hope the photos presented this way will help you experience it a bit vicariously as I saw it myself, walking along :-). 

2 responses

  1. Beautiful!

    October 21, 2021 at 05:03

  2. John

    I love these! Keep them coming!

    October 21, 2021 at 08:59

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