Petra.31 – Treasury Special Edition

We come to the highlight of my morning on high: sitting in stillness for a few hours as the sun rose, the day warmed, and remarkably few tourists made it up to these heights to enjoy watching the line of sun versus shadow steadily creep lower and lower on the Treasury. A reminder: it’s not a treasury, it’s a tomb. Most of these buildings were tombs, but later generations decided money must be hidden there so they called it a treasury. Above is a photo taken out of sequence, and I chose it because it gives you a sense how the Treasury sits within the cliffs and hills of the landscape, not because it’s the best view of the building itself. 🙂

There’s a lot more of Petra to come – also more from Jerash and Amman. I hope the rest of the photos below this will appear: I’ve had trouble with more complicated formats so it’s possible they will disappear, as they did when I first put this post up yesterday….It’s a lot more of this building then you ever thought you’d want to see, but it was a lovely morning.

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  1. Neal Bradsher

    These are glorious! Thank you, Paul. As a result of all of the pictures that you have sent, I almost feel like I have been to Petra now.

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    October 29, 2021 at 14:17

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