Petra.45 – The Blue Church

We’ll be showing you some Byzantine ruins today and tomorrow, still following more or less the sequence in which I saw and photographed things after I left the overlook above “The Treasury.” You can see why they call this the blue church :-). In two of the shots below you’ll see a modern tent-like rooftop, which covers what seems to be the main church – check the map and you’ll see these are just next to each other. Mosaics from beneath that roof coming tomorrow :-). In another shot, you’ll see the cliff face with the “Royal Tombs,” as in one of the photos I showed yesterday. I also mis-stated a bit yesterday: in the first photo below, you’ll see another ruin between these columns and the mountain — that’s also the Winged Lion Temple.

One response

  1. Sam Craig

    Through my time in Italy I was staggered with how much blue was simply not a color used on structures there, even though in the US it is a very common house color. I wonder if naming this after being blue is slightly related to the oddity of it here too.

    December 6, 2021 at 05:29

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