I’ve lingered lovingly on the views seen from the trail coming back down from the monastery — because they remind me of dry, sunny desert air on a beuatiful day. Because I think they’re beautiful in their own right. Because it was truly one of the most beautiful days of my rich existence thus far. Because I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be showing you next, although one thing I definitely plan is a break to let my creative tank refill.
So today you see: above, the area I call the Basin b/c it’s got a restaurant of that name (the low roof on the left), and it’s pretty much the lowest point inside the Petra compound. And below, first the view from the basin back up towards the Great Temple (more of that very soon) with the Royal Tomb cliffs in the distance; and the third photo shows you the view looking back to the start of the Monastery trail and the hills from which came all the solo photos this past week, as seen from within the Great Temple ruihs.

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