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Herewith the remaining imitation-Greco-Roman art & architecture I observed (and took time to photograph – honestly, there was a great deal more than just this, but even I can’t take a new photograph every second step) during my long weekend in Vienna. Above: no, it’s actually not the Parthenon in Athens but instead the Austrian Parliament Building. Despite my initial guess that this was built in the aftermath of WWI, it was actually built in the late 1800’s, so while Vienna was still a capital of the Habsburg Empire but when they’d decided to create houses of lords and representatives. The Pallas Athena statue certainly seems to convey a message about the strength of a democracy…a message many of us hope remains true. 🙂 Below, an 1820’s “replica of the Temple of Theseus in Athens,” now a popular spot for wedding photos. (The original, wiki tells us, was really a temple to Hephaestus but featured statues of Theseus, so folks got confused over the millennia.) The fancy building behind the wannabe Theseus Temple is Vienna’s City Hall.

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  1. You’re making me want to go to Vienna again!

    November 13, 2022 at 13:19

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