Collecting firewood on the Madu Ganga.
Guard’s hut: they sleep here to prevent freshwater prawn poachers from the collecting nets.
Clouds over the Madu Ganga. It’s inter-monsoon season, clear almost all mornings with downpours around 4 every afernoon and all evening.

So I told MSF I’d be ready to stay in SL through December, then after six weeks it looks like I may have to cut it all short and be at loose ends in Paris or the US again – because there is no way I could finish this mission now, and then head out for another one right away. I’d simply have to take a couple months to clear my head from the boomerang whack of these recent months before I’d feel stable enough to head back out to a new (and likely unstable) context again. And closing an office, let alone a whole mission, isn’t any fun for us administrators: we’re the ones who handle final payments to employees and shake their hands and say “thank you so much,” always keeping tissues on hand for the inevitable tears. We’re the ones who make sure the houses get cleared out and the rental deposits get paid back…and yada yada yada. It wasn’t what I came here for, but I was prepared to do it – I’m here to do the work MSF needs, not to complain about it. Then we’re staying, but as you’ll see from that blog article (have you read it yet?) we don’t know for how long, and we really don’t know if we’re going to be able to get medical teams here again and we don’t know how long we can wait, when there are urgent needs in other places as well. And so on.

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