Urban Garden.137

Tee hee, those of you viewing this in email or on a small screen without the metadata tags will be lost. 🙂 It’s a desert city at whose airport I transferred while going in and out of Bangladesh back in late November – a trip that’s only showed up on this blog in two posts so far, I believe. I’m 99% confident that the green bit (the “park” of this title, as in something green) is a golf course. No comment. A short exploration of this city on maps (it’s tagged for those of you who choose to open the “full site”) doesn’t tell me what that red-roofed stadium-like structure is. On Sunday I will have posted at least one post per day for 365 days, and then we’ll take break. Hence my dive further afield now that we’ve exhausted nearly all of the photos I took while visiting Madeira last month… 😦

One response

  1. Gretchen Thomas

    OK—Here we go. Desert has one “s” —as in sand. While dessert at the end of the meal has two “ses ” as in jello. Or so my remarkable High school English teacher taught me. Her name was Ruth Graf, and I always maneuvered to sit next to her on our Knoxville TVUC balcony because she was always on pitch. We were both altos—her near retirement and me starting out in life.

    January 21, 2023 at 07:45

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