Small Wonders.164

A selection of the flora of Madeira. Below middle, a banana flower with above it some early-forming bananas. If ever you travel to a place where they serve it (generally southeastern areas of Asia, in my experience), do order banana-leaf salad or any other preparation of this interesting item. 🙂


Urban Entrances.64



Village Views.34

More shots from the remarkable Curral das Freires, high up in the middle of the island. Another good place to re-visit when the weather is clearer, for hiking and other pleasures :-).

Urban Garden.134

All from the gardens at the remarkable Serralves museum & foundation in Porto. I do hope to get back to the city – and this park & museum complex – in sunnier weather at some point. Well worth a visit.


One of several lovely waterfalls along the coast between Sao Vicente & Seixal.


Like this sudden rainbow offshore at Porto Moniz (NW corner of Madeira), may you find wonder and beauty in 2023. Or just go for a nice swim in natural rock pools, or any other place that suits you. Or just generally have fun, enjoy life, and bring light to those around you :-).

City Lights.13

Same tower, different angles.


On the road above Funchal, heading to Pico do Ariero, Ribeiro Frio then Santana on the north coast…

Village Views.33

More of the lovely little north-coast town of Sao Vicente.

Urban Garden.133

That’s a car on its way back up to Monte, tail end of the afternoon after I’d returned. More of the views from inside, coming soon.

Urban Entrances.63

I thought of you, Elizabeth & family 🙂

City Views.163

As the countdown continues towards both a new year, and the end of my 365 days in a row of posting at least one new post per day, we bring you a collection of sunny, warm photos from … my first morning in Funchal, which was already more than three weeks ago! Ah, memories of warmth and sun now that I’ve seen (and not yet posted) iced-over canals back here in A’dam. Time flies, but photos remain in my folders until I pop them up here or give up. The round building has some historic (military) significance, just fyi. Enjoy – and those of you in the northern hemisphere, notice that the days are now getting longer. Southern hemisphere friends, sorry that our gain is your loss, but you’ve had your six months, now it’s our turn 😊.

City Views.162

My various images of Funchal city from before and after I went up to the Botanic Garden. A rainbow appeared near sunset. I wandered the outside of the Palácio de São Lourenço in the center of the seafront. (I’ve since learned that although its own signage talks about being fortified and having inland forts added due to some invasion during the Napoleonic wars, in fact the oldest portions of this structure shown a few times in this post were the first fortification on this island, whose slave-generated wealth did make it vulnerable to both pirate attacks and military invasion by enemy powers.) I strolled past the Christmas market with its folkloric village, just behind the Palácio — in one of the gallery photos, look closely and you’ll see a few interestingly-costumed folks heading down the staircase. I didn’t stay to see more of what they do, since the rain started up again at that moment and I was hungry. It’s really a very pleasant city to explore.


Small Wonders.162