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Herewith, sadly, the last photos from our few nights up in Humboldt County with my big(gest) brother last month, thus the end with a sunset. (Thanks for coming down, Chuck!) I don’t have a ton more “coasting-appropriate” photos left, so either I’ll need to get back to a visible coastline again soon, or this series will also go into hibernation like a few others for which photos are getting thin in the folders. Original reason I started these series: to get myself out the door looking for things to post! 🙂


Same rainbow as the lost post, but this time looking over at the fishing boats & Woodley Island so as to keep my “series” lined up 🙂

County Views.120

City Views.179

Eureka is as “city” as it gets on California’s actual coastline, from SF all the way up to Oregon, with its nearly 40k residents.




Last view of Woodley Island in Eureka’s harbor. You’re also seeing the relocated lighthouse-tower portion of what’s apparently the historic Table Bluff Lighthouse, which when operating and intact was located on the eponymous bluff south of Eureka, on Arcata Bay.

County Views.119

Eureka’s harbor at low tide. Humboldt county, for those who aren’t seeing the metadata on the full view 🙂


Woodley Island, part of Eureka’s harbor in Humboldt County, northernmost range of this recent trip

Small Wonders.54


We’ll bounce around in locations the next couple weeks: I’m clearing a backlog of photos from trips on the west coast, east coast and midwest of the US … then at some point you’ll start seeing posts from Amsterdam again. Bear with me, and if you’re curious what you’re looking at, load the full version of the site and check the “categories” and “tags” notes at the bottom of each entry. This one, for example, should tell you it’s California category, with Tags that say Humboldt County and Trinidad. Hovering over each photo will also usually tell you the name I’ve given the photo, which tries to be informative :-). Enjoy!

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