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Lake Living.19

….and happy birthday again, now that it’s your birthday in North America :-). Thanks for organizing this great walk, and to who joined. Fun!

Lake Living Memories – Beauty in Smaller Details

Herewith part 2 of my photos taken during my time in Wisconsin last month that didn’t manage to get into the daily posts while I was still there. Enjoy 🙂 – and check out the last post, a few down, if you longer for wider vistas and length of focus than most of these shots have…

…and, well, just because every now and then they just stand out, there’s this sign of the times, my “errant mask” rogues’ gallery taken along the lake path at various points:

And we’ll end with nature going about its business in the late summer:

Lake Living Memories – Big Picture

Among the things I’ve learned from this year’s more-or-less-ongoing experiment in attempting to post something every day is that, when I’m excited by what I see around me, I take far too many photos to sort and put them up each day as they’re taken. Regular readers may remember in early September, when perhaps my very-most-regular reader noticed that although I was physically in Wisconsin, I had just posted something from California…which taught me that when you post every day, folks think what you’re posting reflects where you are.

So: I’m no longer in Wisconsin. My posts reflected my date of return in September quite precisely — lesson learned! — but … I’ve got a bunch of lovely photos that never made it onto the blog. So, fear not dear reader, I’m still at home in Santa Rosa where CalFire’s website says that the Glass Fire is (still) 97% contained, which is excellent news but not quite so excellent as a good solid inch or two of steady, slow rain falling all across the state over a 36 hour period would be. One place that has plenty of rain is, you guessed it, Wisconsin! So, here late in our dry season, I’m remembering greener wetter climes, where the autumn cool has already set in. This one has longer vistas. There’ll be a second post of photos that focus closer in soon. Enjoy! 🙂

Lake Living.1

So a thing I’ve learned about choosing to post every day is that folks start to assume you’ll post from where you are. For example, when I posted a last “county view” item two days ago, my brother pointed out that it wasn’t from this county I’m in now. He knows this because that travel I documented yesterday – two of the three photos, in any case – brought me back to the Midwest to spend some time celebrating his birthday with him near the shores of Geneva Lake in a town called Williams Bay which is not far from the town called Lake Geneva. Yes, you read that right. Naming confusions notwithstanding (it does make a certain kind of sense, once you’ve sorted it out), it’s lovely to be able to hang out along and near the shores of these lovely lakes, even sometimes on these lovely lakes. (We did a morning paddle on neighboring Lake Como yesterday, but as I was on a paddleboard for the first time in my life, I left the phone aka camera in the car…) So anyway, now I’ll be trying to show you some of the lake views for a while. This being Wisconsin, there may well be other lakes in my immediate future. Enjoy. 🙂