Nanning Skyline – Count the Scaffolds!

Nanning Skyline - Count the Scaffolds!This picture was taken from the top of the little bridge you can see
in another photo, looking out toward the edge of the city, more in the
direction where my office is (and where I sit as I write this note),
towards an area where the construction of new buildings is nonstop
(And roads, and even bridges — my map of greater Nanning is full of
roads and bridges either “planned” or “under construction.”)

One of my key impressions of China (both when I visited the mainland
during my year in Taiwan in 83-84, and now) is that building is
constant. This country is just constantly expanding its
infrastructure, growing and building. It lends a feeling of excitement
and change to daily life, but of course is also makes more than enough
dust and ambient noise in the air! And don’t be thinking these
builders work any kind of shorter work week — the ones working on the
three houses that surround where I live are at it by 8 every morning
of the week. 🙂

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