A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the ParkThanks to everyone who has been pushing me to post more photos. Your
nudging got me to recognize that it makes no sense in this tropical,
frankly polluted city to expect a clear and beautiful day with blue
skies to go out and shoot photos! So yesterday I took a stroll at
lunch through a park that is a very short bus ride from the area where
both my office and my home are right now, and I was so glad to
discover this lovely oasis of green and peace and relative quiet in
this dusty and crowded and loud and highly energetic city.

The main feature of this park is a large lake, called Nanhu which
means South Lake, but in English it’s basically Nanhu Lake since how
many English speakers would know that’s redundant? 🙂 Sort of like
the way we Americans order a sandwich with au jus sauce…which is
kinda redundant, too. But I digress. This delightful little bridge
spans the lake, meaning I have now discovered that I can take a short,
cheap bus ride to where my street hits this park, then lie around and
read on the grass or go for a walk if I like.

Moreover, since this park in some ways represents the boundary between
what I would describe as the true urban core of Nanning, on the
northern side, and on the south side the more suburban area where I
live and work now, this means that yesterday I took a long stroll (a
long, sweaty stroll, given the heat and humidity) down one of
Nanning’s main shopping streets. It was good to get out and walk and
get more of a sense of life at street level here — we have been
pretty busy, and as I said in my last post I was also sick and have
not really taken the time to get out and explore much.

I am also glad to know Nanhu Park is free for the public — closer to
me is a park said to be quite pretty, in which for that park I need to
buy a gate ticket first — and having no money, I could not
comply…so I ran down by the river instead. (No, don’t imagine a
lovely riverfront path or anything — it’s reasonably attractive since
it’s not yet very developed there, but the river is full and brown and
sluggish, the road is high up on the bank, and the views are not much
to write home about. But it’s a river, and comparatively quiet.)

Ah well. If these photos appear in the order I hope (always an unknown
when I post photos, especially now that I can’t access the site itself
and see how things look once I send them off…), this is the second
one you are seeing in the new batch, and there will be several more
after. Hope you enjoy and thanks for your support!

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