School Group at the Monument

School Group at the Monument

My stroll through Nanhu Park yesterday took me past a monument or
memorial that looks like it is a memorial to the soldiers of one or
more of China’s wars (though I admit I did not take the time to try to
really read it all or understand it, but I do know it has to do with
love of the country). The fun part was seeing the kids in this school
group striking poses and imitating the postures of the statue, as
their teachers tried to get them organized for a group photo.

It’s quite a lovely monument in quite a lovely park. And the good news
is it’s very close to me, and I understand that on the weekends they
either 1) show movies on a screen by the fountain in the park, 2) Do a
light show at or on the fountain in the park, or 3) Both of the above.
I hope to find out next weekend, and maybe I can get some pictures for
you to see!

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