Self Care :-)

Self Care 🙂
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

And yes, this is a teeny bit of showing off, although those who know

yoga will see how far short I fall in this pose. Last December, when I

knew I’d be leaving LA and losing my access to strong, regular yoga

classes with excellent teachers, I decided I had to commit to enough

classes in a short time to bring me to a level where my personal

practice could stay strong even on the road. My holy grail — what I

wanted to achieve in one month, before leaving — were two poses I’d

never had the confidence to master: handstand and forearm balance

(sorry, I’m bad at Sanskrit names). This picture shows me trying to

reach toward scorpion pose — a step beyond forearm balance, and my

ultimate holy grail. In true scorpion I’d be in the center of the

room, with my feet all the way down resting on my head.

Anyway, I throw this in here because 1) my very dear old friend Steve,

in Boston, asked if I’m able to take care of myself here, and this is

part of the answer; and 2) in case my classmate Michelle (or teacher

Cindy) from LA see this, I’m reminded of a nice talk over coffee that

Michelle and I had last year, where we talked about how we were both

trying to get to where we could do scorpion against the wall (like

this), and how she got turned around in her mind once on the pose, and

fell. I’m sometimes afraid that’ll happen, but this is part of my

regular practice now. Wow. Amazaing what we can do if we decide to.

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