Panorama w/Prayer Cubicles

Panorama w/Prayer Cubicles
Originally uploaded by paulbrockmann.

Before we get into all the detailed shots of the buildings and

surroundings, and shots my new friend and I took of each other, I want

to give a few more panoramas of the monastery. If you look closely in

this one, you’ll see little white dots or small white huts on the

mountain behind the big buildings with golden roofs. Dao tells me

that, at a certain time each year, certain religious folk (not sure if

this is monks, students, teachers, what) retire to these cubicles for

some period of time to pray and – I guess? – fast. Keep in mind that

our conversation happened entirely in Mandarin, which he describes as

his third language (after Tibetan and Southern Gansu dialect), and is

my fourth…so though we communicated, the nuance may not have been

conveyed quite right all the time. J

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