Family Holiday…at Home :-)

Armstrong Grove HillsSonoma Coast Pano 4

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Sonoma Coast Pano 32015 was the first time since 2005, when I started this whole global-wanderer thing, that I’ve been at work only one flight away from the US, and in the same time zone as my mom and one of my brothers. This was also the first holiday season in more than a decade where both my brothers and I managed to get together in one place. Not only several lovely meals and afternoons together, but a trip to the local, fantastic, brewery in honor of my biggest brother’s new brewing ambitions. My sister-in-law generally stayed behind the camera, but certainly helped fill out the festive feeling for everyone. We got out and about a good deal, some with just mom and Steve who were able to stay longer, and some with Chuck as well. Lovely, and I’m going to let the many pics just speak for themselves. Some are really just family stuff of limited appeal to most of my readers…apologies, but it was special for me. 🙂

Paul Selfie Bodega Head

Bodega Head 2

Mom Steve Paul Chuck Selfie

Chuck Paul Mom Steve Xmas Dinner

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  1. Stephen Brockmann

    Hi Paul, thanks for all the great hospitality and entertainment! I had a wonderful time! And the food was amazing! Now I just have to keep to some New Year’s resolutions and take off some of the weight I gained last month!

    January 17, 2016 at 09:52

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