Summer Palace – Ceiling Details

For the first several weeks here in Beijing, I was too busy exploring the city and getting used to my new environs to really take many photos. We also didn’t have a lot of days with very clear skies — pollution and cloud cover (though rarely/never any rain) combined to make the weather not too appealing for photos. But I did go on a couple of hikes in the regions north of Beijing with an expat hiking groups, through whom I’ve met some interesting folks. I also took my colleague Manuel, who’s now back in France, to the Summer Palace. This is one detail shot from the Palace, and after this you’ll see one shot I couldn’t resist: the plastic-potted plant in the window sill of this beautifully-mainained and restored palace complex…and if you look closely, you’ll see it’s a plastic container for San Francisco ice cream. The farther from home I get… 🙂

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