Bukhansan National Park, Seoul

These next are basically three miscellaneous images that give another side
of my experience. The (bad, sorry) photo of me grinning is trying to show how amazingly steep were the trails I was on: the metal ropes you see are basically there either so you can rappel down (in my case) or haul yourself
up (if you were going the other direction). It was tremendously fun and made me wish I had my climbing shoes instead of running sneakers! The little bird was remarkably friendly and unafraid of me: I couldn’t decide whether it felt like Bilbo in the Hobbit, where the thrush (or whatever it was) helped him get into the back entrance to the Lonely Mountain, or something out of
Hitchcock’s Birds…but this guy was so little and cute, and cheeped at me like he wanted to talk, so I took it as a sign of nature’s bounty. The hazy shot of the city shows you how this park sits literally above the northern parts of Seoul. Sadly, it was pretty gray – it cleared up today, when I flew home…

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