Autumn in Amsterdam & Noord Holland

The first two weeks of November were spent mostly in a small town in Noord Holland – a little bump of land that juts up into the North Sea above Amsterdam – with an extraordinary (I don’t say that lightly) group of colleagues getting some more training for my ongoing career with this pretty darn amazing organzation. During the middle weekend, I escaped into the city so I could have lots of Chinese & Thai & Indonesian food and walk the streets & canals of this lovely city, grey rainy weather notwithstanding. These are mostly photos taken from the window seat of my room at the very top of a gorgeous little hotel right by a canal on the west of the city: the afternoon I checked in was one of the extremely (depressingly) few days of the entire past month where there were periods of blue sky and actual sun. The ocean shot is from the outrageously windy morning of 12 November, when most of us decided to bike over to the coast before starting the final day’s classes. Talk about sandstorms: I now know how dunes are really formed, firsthand. We were all sandblasted, but it was very worth it.

…this is the only photo of me during this visit in Europe. Oh well.

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