Creeks, Peaks & Streets – (Ma)lingering in LA

WDCH - Walls & Cherry Tree

smw, slt has now returned to Port Moresby, from 4.5 lovely, wonderful and restful weeks in LA. With fond thanks to the family members and friends who spent time with me in LA, many of whom flew great distances to be there, I present herewith my usual too-big selection of photos. It’s late Monday, already more than 24 hours after I landed back in POM, and I know that if I don’t post these fast then it’s likely to be weeks and weeks before I get to it. I’ll have a full couple weeks of settling back in here. So I’ll keep the text short and focus on the photos. Folks who live in LA are usually happy when outsiders think of it as little more than a knot of crazy freeways overloaded with traffic, but in fact there are many wonderful things about the region, and these photos may give you glimpses of why I always find it one of the most relaxing places to spend my down time, especially when I can stick to my bike and the streets of Venice  – which I did quite well until the final week on this trip. The final week took me out a bit more into town and yielded some of the – too many – photos of Disney Hall that you’ll be seeing, both above & below. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Venice = Bungalows

Getty Ctr - Dance 1

Ballona Creek - Heron Ballona Creek - Herons in Flight Ballona Creek - Pelicans

Ballona Creek - Wetlands OwnershipI’ve become addicted to physical therapy: this time for tennis elbow to allow me my regular tennis outings once I got back here; last time to fix my shoulder after tearing it up on the roads of N Kivu. Above and below are shots of the birds, flowers, bikers, walkers and waters of Ballona Creek which forms part of the route to my physical therapy appointments. Yes, the bike ride to and from PT is half of the reason for my addiction. 🙂
Ballona Creek Bike Path Ballona Creek Bridge & Pilings Ballona Creek Views Ballona Creek Wildflowers Disney Hall & Grand AveWhen my mother and brother came to visit, Trisha Brown Dance Company was doing a big retrospective in collaboration with UCLA, including a fantastic site performance at the Getty Center – as you see, these 10 dancers spread around the center doing a 40-minute performance were just a magnificent blend of movement, architecture and natural environment. And above, by contrast, a street-side view of Disney Concert Hall, yet another of LA’s architectural (and acoustic!) gems.
Getty Ctr - Dance 2 Getty Ctr - Dance 3 Getty Ctr - Dance 4 Getty Ctr - Dance 5 Getty Ctr - Dance 6 Getty Ctr - Dance 7 Getty Ctr - Dance 8 Getty Ctr - Dance 9 Getty Ctr - Gardens & Rsrch Fdn Getty Ctr Sculpture Getty Ctry - Pat & Mom LA City Hall view from WDCH 2 LA City Hall view from WDCH LA Downtown - Grand Ave View MdR & Playa - Departures MdR Wetlands View Pacific Design Center Extension WeHo

West Hollywood Parking Lot

At left, Pacific Design Center in  West Hollywood has expanded since my last visit; and WeHo park has gotten a radical face-lift and a big new parking lot complete with graffiti art since my last visit. 🙂 Below, some shots of me at Disney Hall’s garden, taken by Mom, the only visual proof that I was actually in LA these last weeks…
Paul - WDCH Garden 2 Paul - WDCH Garden Topanga - Eagle Rock Topanga - Ratllesnake in Brush

Below, if this lays out as hoped, if you look closely you’ll see a bit of a rattlesnake’s tale sticking out of that brush. This hike in Topanga Canyon was rather exciting for my friend Steve and me, since we nearly stepped on not one but two rattlesnakes, and nearly walked into a buzzing swarm of wasps or some other flying insect that generated a certain sense of menace in our brainstems…  Further down, again if this works as I hope, a junction sign on the hike; we tried to avoid heading toward Cheney for obvious reasons.Topanga - Waypost Topanga Cyn Hills Topanga Cyn Wisteria Venice - Cabrillo Venice - Decorated Tree Venice - Rose & Main Venice - Rose Garden Venice - Shadows & Gate Venice - Shadows & Waves Venice - Sunset Beach Venice - Sunset DeparturesAbove & below are my photographic ode to the streets, houses and beaches of Venice. It’s so much more than the drug-addled beach walk full of tacky t-shirts, which is just the face it shows tourists. 🙂
Venice Beach - Doorways Venice by the Post Office WDCH - Rooftop Garden WDCH - Walls & Cherry 2 WDCH - Walls & Cherry 3 WDCH - Walls & Cherry 4
WDCH - Walls in Garden WDCH & Grand Ave WDCH - WDCH View

Above, my photographic ode to Walt Disney Concert Hall, an acoustic and architectural masterpiece in the heart of LA. Below…a shot to confuse you: from last August, standing in line for our boat trip at Margaret River in Northern Territory, Australia.  Since there’s so little of me in this post, figured I’d remind you what I look like…Paul - Margaret River 1208

6 responses

  1. Steve Dickman

    Thanks for the photo credit! Seeing (and hearing) those rattlesnakes and hornets (or whatever they were) was a highlight – especially because we got away before they had a chance to strike!! What a lovely hike.
    Your homage to Venice makes me realize that you communicate a pleasantly contagious enthusiasm for nearly every place you have had a chance to show me around – be it NoCal, SoCal, Brooklyn or Germany. In fact, your enthusiasm was one of the key reasons I went to Germany in the first place. I spent nearly ten years there, as you know, and it’s become a part of me – I’m writing this from Frankfurt in fact. The theme here is that the combination of place+Paul is a very special one. Someday I hope to visit you on mission and see more of the world through your eyes.

    April 15, 2013 at 19:29

  2. Maryasha

    O my gosh, I’m jealous! The first time I saw the Trisha Brown Dance Company was at Oberlin. I could not think or talk about anything else for days afterwards!!!!!

    April 16, 2013 at 14:33

  3. Stephen Brockmann

    Hi Paul, I’m glad you were able to avoid both Cheney and the rattlesnakes while managing to take in the Getty, the Walt Disney, and all sorts of great dance performances. I’m going to take a wild guess that some of those lovely pictures you’ve posted of houses in Venice were taken on an evening walk between the two of us! Anyway, great pictures as always, and it was a wonderful California interlude. I hope you’re settling back comfortably into life in PNG!

    April 16, 2013 at 21:43

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  5. Such nice memories, Paul!

    November 22, 2019 at 03:52

  6. Diane Rachiele

    This is always a worthwhile stop in my day – thanks Paul – great photos!

    November 25, 2019 at 14:08

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