Signs of the County.1 – Pliny the Younger :-)

So smw, slt has landed for a bit of a vacation back home in Sonoma County, where conditions are different in many ways than what one experiences in Dhaka: here, I bike with pleasure and see quite different sites. And, well, unlike Dhaka, alcohol and its consumption are legal though regulated. Since I was having such fun with my daily “signs of the city” photos from Dhaka, I figured maybe I’d do the contrast with signs of the county, here in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa. Today’s offering: from my bike back from UUCSR on Sunday morning, the annual ritual of hundreds of beer lovers lining up to be the first to taste this year’s release of Russian River Brewing Company’s annual limited-output “Pliny the Younger.”  It was only through my beer-buff brother than I learned quite how big a deal this is in brewing circles — apparently RRBC is quite the name amongst the brewing community nationwide, and this line gets *long* on the … guess it’s usually the Sunday of President’s Day weekend?  The very first February after I set up a home here, I was doing the same ride from UUCSR back to my place early one Sunday and saw this massive long line, and being a former New Yorker I thought “are they buying concert tickets? Or is it a new JK Rowling book release??” Then I remembered it was early on a Sunday, and noticed the crowd skewed much older (all drinking age) and more male than the JK Rowling crowd…plus it was 2015 that year, and hey, she hadn’t had a major line-up type release for quite a few years…so then I biked to see where they were lined up and voila, I learned about Pliny the Younger 😊

2 responses

  1. Stephen Brockmann

    It’s a wonderful brewery, and I have fond memories of Mom taking us all there. I hope someday to be able to taste Pliny the Younger!

    February 18, 2020 at 10:09

  2. John Jaffray

    Nice foto, Paul! I haven’t tried Pliny the Younger yet. I think I might go to the Windsor brewery – the lines might be shorter.

    February 18, 2020 at 10:23

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