From The Air: Boston to Chicago

Regular readers and friends will have figured out that, in this smartphone-in-your-pocket era, I’m always on the lookout for views lovely, strange, new, interesting or otherwise engaging to photograph. Unlike most airplane travelers, I stare endlessly out the window when I’m fortunate enough to have a window seat. Below are shots, mostly in chronological sequence, as my plane from Boston to Chicago flew along the northern edge of the Finger Lakes in NY State, over Buffalo (pictured also in the out-of-sequence large photo at the top of this post), then over the southernmost part of Ontario in Canada, between Hamilton & Detroit, then across the US state of Michigan, the Great Lake named Lake Michigan…and north of a fog-and-rain-bound city of Chicago, into O’Hare airport. For readers who’ve not explored the Great Lakes regions of the US and Canada, or the Finger Lakes region of New York State – do. There’s a lot to see and do. šŸ™‚

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