smw, slt decided to give you all a break from Petra so that you can hopefully build up an appetite for the amazing sights still to come, from the final seven hours I spent there. So instead we’ll be showing you photos from a lovely day exploring first Jerash (“the most intact Roman city in the Middle East”) and then Amman. I’ve slipped in a few from Amman in recent posts, and one from Jerash back in September. Hope you’ll enjoy, and o course our regular other series will carry forth, because with al the fall foliage to be enjoyed, I’m still taking more photos than I can find time to sort and post. Let me know if you grow weary of it all and I’ll scale back…

One response

  1. John

    Very interesting! I’m guessing this a temple wall with statues in the recesses.

    November 6, 2021 at 06:29

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