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You’ve seen this amphitheater before – in my very first Amman post which I think I even put up before I left Jordan, also as seen from above in a few shots from the Citadel. From the Citadel, I walked through the hilly streets of modern Amman to the base of that hill, where a street runs through a valley on the other side of which rises the hill into which this amphitheater was built. Today we’re showing you more angles on this impressive site as seen on that walk.







Amman is full of hills, and home to many ancient ruins. The Citadel is in the heart of the old city, with its oldest ruins dating to the Romans, and the dramatic lovely domed audience-hall dating to the Umayyad dynasty. That building with the dome is the most intact structure remaining. Since we have so very many photos still from both Jerash and Petra to work our way through, I’m going to be doing larger posts with more photos from Amman. It has a reputation among some as being a “boring” city in the Middle East. I think boring might be welcome to many residents of other cities, but what do I know?


smw, slt decided to give you all a break from Petra so that you can hopefully build up an appetite for the amazing sights still to come, from the final seven hours I spent there. So instead we’ll be showing you photos from a lovely day exploring first Jerash (“the most intact Roman city in the Middle East”) and then Amman. I’ve slipped in a few from Amman in recent posts, and one from Jerash back in September. Hope you’ll enjoy, and o course our regular other series will carry forth, because with al the fall foliage to be enjoyed, I’m still taking more photos than I can find time to sort and post. Let me know if you grow weary of it all and I’ll scale back…

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